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Do No Harm. Take No Shit.

  I feel that living by the basic rule of "Don't be a dick to other humans" is pretty simple. Apparently I'm in the minority with this way of thinking. Holy cannoli has that been a hard lesson to learn this year! I haven't posted in 11 months. Posts had gotten few and far between for about a year prior due to mental health stuff, but this past year... man ... talk about a roller coaster of emotions! Between the pandemic, everything leading up to the election, and personal issues, I'm quite impressed with myself for not getting put in a padded room!   What it boils down to is this: It is now very apparent which people are kind, and which people are blinded by selfishness, ignorance, and fear of change - and therefore quite unkind.  I told an anti-masker that if I thought there was a chance that jumping up and down on one foot every hour on the hour would keep someone from getting sick, I'd do it. I hate wearing masks. HATE IT. But I do it because if I didn