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Anxiety and the New Normal

Photo by  Dimitri Karastelev  on  Unsplash What better time to get back to blogging than when the world is invaded by a new virus that no one understands, and everyone's routines are disrupted?! These times are a breeding ground for anxiety, which just so happens to be the topic of this fine blog - you know, in case you've forgotten in the nine months since I last posted. Whoops... I'm one of many people currently working from home to avoid further spread of COVID-19. I always thought it would be great to work from home - you can watch TV while doing your work, you don't have to worry about childcare, you don't have the commute adding to your time away from your family every day...  Let me just say, I WAS WRONG .  I miss my routine! I miss my work friends stopping by my desk to chat, breaking up the day. I miss my coworkers physically handing me work to take care of. I miss going upstairs to check the mail, and walking across campus to take care