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How To Avoid Your Feelings in Three Easy Steps!

Same, Zooey Deschanel. Same.  Greetings, from your super slacker neighborhood anxiety blogger. Yeah, I know I never post anymore. It seems as though over the last 6 months or so, I’ve resorted to thinking about life (and all my issues) as little as possible, as a way to not freak out over them. It worked for a while. Things seemed to be going relatively well. Sure, my contact with the outside world was slowly diminishing – even texts to my partners were slowing considerably – but surely if I avoided my feelings by any means necessary, everything would be hunky dory, right?  How To Avoid Your Feelings in Three Easy Steps :  Mindlessly play games on your phone Watch Netflix whenever you should be cleaning Focus on literally anything  other than your actual life Yeah, I’m not fooling anyone. In the past few weeks it’s really caught up with me. It’s the two-year anniversary of my husband saying he wanted a divorce. It’s hard not to remember - it was