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Anxiety, Depression, and Bears, Oh My!

Photo by  Waldemar Brandt  on  Unsplash Okay, so maybe there aren’t really bears. I mean… there are bears, obviously, but not in my world. In my world, there is anxiety, depression, and everything that makes the two unbearable. I had months where I was actively stressed about buying a house and not being able to afford Christmas for my children. When those two were done and in the past, I settled into this weird state where I still felt the anxiety, but didn’t have the thing to be anxious about. I was quiet for a while, not really wanting to talk as much as normal, and being sort of contemplative. I’ve mostly come out of that and for a while felt really quite… fine. Maybe even, dare I say, good. Fast forward to today. I’m an anxious, depressed mess. Why? My fucking shoe broke. But also my mom doesn’t like my haircut and I’m still and will always be broke and a lady kept interrupting me and railroading me in a meeting, and I'll never get to buy my daughter