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Be a Good Human

But did you get my Friends reference??? P.S. Can you have a prescript, as opposed to a postscript? Either way, I’m doing it. It’s   been a while since I posted, I know. I’ve been in a really weird place. My mental health has overall been pretty good, though I’ve also been depressed – but it’s a weird kind of depressed where I’m typically in a good mood, but I also want to sleep constantly and often fantasize about getting hit by a bus - not because I’m suicidal or in a bad place. No, just so I have an excuse to stay in bed for a few weeks. I guess my brain has been avoiding thinking about the deeper cause, so I’ve been avoiding writing . I’ll make it a point to try harder. And now, on with the show! Hello, and welcome to the tour you never knew you needed about pronouns, queerness, and anxiety. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle during the ride, note the lack of exits, and make yourself comfortable, because this is a long ride. Is that “