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What if I get what I want?

Photo by  Cindy Tang  on  Unsplash Pictured above - the sort of house I'll probably end up with.  My family moved around a lot throughout my childhood. We didn’t have a lot of money and always rented, and would end up having to move for various reasons. I always thought that when I grew up and got a house, it would be one that I love – not just one that I can afford. Well, I’ve purchased two houses with significant others in my adult life, and that held true. Splitting up with those significant others and having to leave those houses was hard – especially last year when I had to leave the house I picked out and had raised children in for 8 years. I’ve rented a trailer for the past year. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived on my own, and I love living on my own. What I don’t love is having to cram myself, two children, and all of our crap into this trailer. I’ve gotten to the point that I avoid doing housework because there’s just nowhere to put everything. My

Men's Mental Health

Today we have another guest post from our friendly neighborhood guest blogger, Elijah Greenwood. Men have been taught for too long that they're weak if they show emotion or have poor mental health. This only leads to worse mental health! Men, it's okay to feel what you feel, and get help when you need it.  Yes, I am indeed a man. And yes, I do have mental health issues. These two things are not, in fact, mutually exclusive - as most of the world seems to think they are. As a man, I am allowed to have anxiety. As a man, I am allowed to have depression. And who are you, society, to decide that my masculinity is altered by these things? Who are you to tell me that I can not possess and express my feelings and emotions? Or that I cannot possibly break down or go into a mental spiral? Who are you to decide that my gender defines my mental status? All throughout my younger years, I was told by both society, and professionals, that I couldn’t possibly have mental health

The Cost of Independence

Photo by  Alex Jones  on  Unsplash Turns out being a strong, independent woman is not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s resulted in being broke, depressed, too proud to tell anyone I need help, and too terrified of rejection to let anyone know I need someone to be with me while I cry. Not that they’d be there, because they’ve gotten used to me pushing them away.

The Spectrum of Suicide

Today we have another guest post from Elijah Greenwood. As always, his words hit close to home.  The grey area that no one talks about. Most people don’t even realize it exists. Then there are those that know it all too well. Those that live it day in and day out. It’s that small section of suicide that we struggle to understand. It’s when you want to die so badly, but you don’t want to kill yourself. No, I’m not going to harm myself. No, I don’t have plans to do anything. Yes, I’m safe. I just don’t care if I live or die. If I got in a car crash today, I wouldn’t fight to live. If someone wanted to kill me, I’d let them. I want to die. I just don’t plan to do it myself. Often when we think about suicide, we think about people so depressed that they plan out their death and attempt to take their own life. All too often, no one realizes that suicide is a spectrum and a person can fall anywhere on it. The problem with this grey area is that people in it are